Demo Reel 1 Now Posted!

Music for film, television, and advertisement – 10 audio clips of a variety of styles, moods, and instrumentation are included in Demo Reel 1. The songs are action packed and trimmed into a six and a half minute file but it demonstrates the capability of JGT Music in a broad range of sounds and textures. It’s a great feeling to have this completed and posted, 9 out of the 10 pieces were written and recorded in the last week and a half for the sole purpose of showing the quality of work I can deliver. Take a listen:

The tenth piece is from a track used on a new Gillwire release, Big Win 2020 and is a dynamic funk rock arrangement with string and vintage keyboard accents, check out the full version with vocals below if you have a moment. It has a theme of striving to achieve, working hard to reach a goal, win a championship, or succeed in the face of a big challenge.

Now that we have actual media on the site the goods are publicly on display. This is the first of many pieces that will be shared. Thanks for coming by to see and hear what I can do. Please let me know if you need music for anything.

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