Para Marisa – an orchestral work for film

In an earlier post I allude to a piece I wrote to submit to the Gil Family Estates Soundtrack Contest. I was holding off from sharing my composition until the contest played out and now that the 12 finalists are announced I can share my piece, I’m not a finalist; in fact I don’t know if my entry was even considered because the cutoff age is 35 and as I submitted a passport scan with my entry showing I’m over 35. They may have disqualified me directly, I don’t know. I can only hope that that is the reason and that it has nothing to do with the quality of my work! At any rate yes I’m feeling old and dejected but I’m going to keep making music with a fierce passion regardless of the lack of reception.

I like the film and I loved the opportunity to apply my skills to compose to a clean slate, a new film which hitherto had no soundtrack, and not even any temp music. One of the requirements (one that I didn’t blatantly disregard as I did the age requirement) was that the instrumentation should be for a traditional orchestra of strings, winds, brass, and percussion; harp and piano were also allowed and they are both dominantly featured in my piece. Additionally a pdf full score was to be submitted as well, quite an academic exercise in all when you consider the orchestration and engraving. This in effect was my first traditional orchestral score of any significant length, just over 8 minutes.

None more to say about this except that I proudly present the demo here to you, I’ve been eager and waiting to share it. To me, it’s a winner.

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