Career Building

I’ve been playing, writing, recording music for quite a while. 3 decades or so. I haven’t been a full time musician for hardly any of that time though. I am going to change that now by heading recklessly into every musical ambition I can pursue. One of my primary areas of focus at the very moment is getting some production music albums published. These are recordings I made recently specifically for this purpose, to get published with someone who will find placements for them and build up a revenue stream. These are soundtrack type pieces written in a specific genre and mood but not for a specific video. The first album I started pitching is targeted for mystery or spy genres and is heavily influenced by 1960’s type of soundtracks. My spin on it has some contemporary elements mixed in too of course but I wanted to pay tribute to a lot of my favorite Mancini type sounds. Other albums at least partially done are in Western, Alt-rock, and Americana Acoustic styles. Just a little down the road I have mapped out some ideas for albums of suspense/thriller, heroic themes, and on and on.

I will pursue getting hired for specific films too but I’m attracted to the strategy of getting placed in production libraries immediately so something is rolling in the background as I build up other freelance opportunities. I am putting quite a lot of care into these albums, probably more than what some in the industry would say is prudent but I’m also not just going to sign these with any library, I’m looking for someone who can give it the focus I feel it warrants. This may mean it takes a bit of time to find the right deal, hopefully not too long. It’s against my principles to just crank out music that is well produced but artistically somewhat generic – which is what a lot of library music sounds like. These kinds of tracks do have their place and there is skill in working in this formulaic way, I don’t deny, but it’s just not the way I work so I will stay focused on my strengths and my passions. I’d rather be a little less successful doing something I’m passionate about than more successful doing something that makes me lose my drive. In the end I’m not ruling out the possibility of being surprisingly successful doing what I’m most passionate about but I’ll choose to sacrifice the success if anything.

Additionally I’m working on my playing skills and getting set up to play live in some groups. Bass is the instrument I will use most, but I’m woodshedding on violin for myself at home. I’d love to play in some string groups soon, either on bass or violin. I don’t have the expectation that this will become a primary income source, but for my sanity, it will pay off to be playing with other musicians and I’m sure it can lead to some good relationships and connections.

Lastly, I just want to state that I have a new goal of increasing posting frequency, not just here but in whatever public internet spaces I use (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.). I just want to get more of the authentic me out there publicly, share my work, my journey, my ups and downs for what is my life really worth if I don’t share it with others? Online presence is only one aspect of life though and while an unhealthy focus on that only can cause real problems I don’t think I’m anywhere near having to worry about that, so I’ll just try to be frequent in posting but also meaningful in posting. It will probably be a learning process as my history and follower counts will testify to my ineptitude at being successful at social networking.

OK friends – that’s my thought for today. Let’s be movers and shakers!

JGT contemplating his career in music

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