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Jonathan Gill Thwaits is a choir boy turned garage band leader who brings decades of musical composition, performance, recording, and production experience to the table to get a foot in the door in the field of composing for film and video. A combination of a formal education at the University of Arizona and informal studies based on his evolving interests ranging from classical, jazz, latin, pop, and showtunes have fueled his progression as an eclectic songwriter into composing and arranging for various ensembles and settings. After a string of independent pop rock album releases under the artist name “Gillwire” he shifted full focus to composition for visual media starting early in 2020 in order to use music to convey that unspoken emotion to tell the story. Now more than 6 months in he has built up a significant catalog of works ranging from orchestral to solo piano to electronic sound design and is hunting for opportunities to score to picture. A recent accomplishment was completing a video edit of a 1910 silent film “A Gold Necklace” using digitized clips from the Library of Congress and creating a new custom soundtrack to accompany it. The film in its original version has been lost so this new edit allows this piece of film history starring the great silent film star Mary Pickford to be appreciated anew.

JGT will deliver – contact gillwire@gmail.com

Demo Reel 1 – Spring 2020

JGT Music Demo Reel 1 audio

Releases from Jonathan’s pop/rock project Gillwire:

gillwire promotional photo, jonathan gill thwaits

Gillwire Discography and selected tracks

2020 – Classics with Crunch Vols. 1 & 2

2018 – The Grand Biography Vols. 1 & 2

2016 – Silver Streak

full Gillwire catalog available on Spotify and Bandcamp and elsewhere

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