Jon Anything

Jon Anything dressed in a white button up shirt and suit coat crouches in front of a disassembled piano and his grandfather's vintage tools as he gazes up to the right - photo by JGT

Jon (Jonathan Gill Thwaits) was raised to play violin and sing in the church choir before branching out to front an alternative rock band through his youth and has played guitar, bass, keyboard, and sung in many projects since then. His original music up to and including his present work is now collected under the Jon Anything umbrella and is being self released chronologically on a schedule stretching into the first half of 2023, at which point the ship will be back on course and new music will continue (barring an untimely death).

Selected musical resume: 1993-1997 “Only Anything” – bedroom and backyard mayhem band. 1999-2000 “New Moves” – funky power rock trio. 2005-2006 “The Lancaster Project” – alt.electro explorations with long time collaborator Jon Stone. 2014-2020 “Gillwire” – Jon and a rotating cast of misfits bring eclectic melody and crunchy classics to Arizona (and the world?). The in-between years were filled with home recordings and appearances in about 8 cover bands.

Old Haunts – the story

In the year 2022 Jon started the process of releasing his back catalog of compositions and recordings, some of which are more than 2 decades old and have never yet been distributed. We begin with “Old Haunts”, a collection of recordings mostly from the early 2000’s but they are being released for the first time on the 2nd of December 2022. Leading with the pop rock love song “Like Nobody Else” which was written for a 2002-2003 New Year’s Eve party where it was debuted in the last ever reunion performance of the band “Only Anything”, the youthful band that initiated Jon’s rock and roll borderline unhealthy obsession. The heavy mystery of “Lonely Eyes”, the simple acoustic cassette recording of the standard “Cry Me a River”, and the solo a cappella “Strollin'” are some of the top highlights of the collection.

Photo credit: Lisa Webb

Jon Anything on stage singing and playing guitar at Tempe Festival of the Arts - photo by Lisa Webb
Old Haunts by Jon Anything

Album Credits:

1,6,7 produced by Kelby Thwaits, all others produced by JGT
10 written by Arthur Hamilton, all others written by JGT
All vocals and acoustic guitar by JGT
drum programming on 1,6,7 by Kelby Thwaits
electric guitar and bass on 1,6 by Kelby Thwaits
Drums and conga on 8,9 by David Priniski
All other instrumentation by JGT