Silver Streak Album Release in 1 week

The album will be widely available at this time next week. An album which once was, then was not, and now will be again – forevermore. To know exactly what I mean about that you can watch the mini-rockumentary “Silver Streak – The Story of and Album” which was posted this week on my youtube channel, also easily viewed from the embedded player on this website’s music page. And I mean it that this time it will stay; I know I got a bit wacky and pulled the album in 2021 but it’s really better than ever now, with just a few minor touch ups but most notably the title track has been redone with an all new ending, which I love.

I was tempted to butcher the album into splintered bits, and use some of the best shards in other projects or forms but I thankfully realized the meaning of this collection of songs together and I came to see my negative emotions surrounding it had nothing to do with the quality of the songs at all. I’ve made peace with the demons haunting this album and I get a lot of joy from this work now.

Rest assured, there are demons in other areas of my life which will still make things interesting.