Starry-eyed composers

During the past month, the world of aspiring film composers was obsessed with scoring a 2 minute clip from the DC Stargirl series. This clip was the source material for Spitfire Audio’s 2nd foray into film scoring contest hosting and with Pinar Toprak endorsing and judging the contest it’s no wonder there is a lotContinue reading “Starry-eyed composers”

Transcribing Morricone, Fistful of Dollars

I get excited to learn new things, musically at least, so I will regularly try new instruments, learn new songs, compose in different styles, and things like that. This is challenging and tiring at times, but life gets too mundane for me staying within the same set of parameters for too long. One of myContinue reading “Transcribing Morricone, Fistful of Dollars”

Beethoven and the Power of Understatement

This year as we celebrate the 250th birthday of Beethoven I want to give a nod to the man with the intense furrowed brow. For a while now, I’ve been captivated by the first notes of the very famous Beethoven Symphony No.5. It’s a melody I’m sure we all know well, it ranks up thereContinue reading “Beethoven and the Power of Understatement”